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The SCHUHLEISTER Partner Network

The key to our partner network is the SCHUHLEISTER Last ID. Any customer that has been scanned receives an individual Last ID. The secret to the Last ID is the entirety of the customer specific feet scans, measurements and orthopedic marker points. Based on the Last ID SCHUHLEISTER can customize all of the foot related products.

To have all of our partners benefit from this we have integrated a revenue share into the business model of the network. Due to the way the Last ID is constructed the partner who scanned the customer initially can be uniquely identified. Thus, a secondary income or reward is gained through partners you sell to your scanned customers.

An example: Partner A. scans Claus the Customer. After a while Claus the Customer buys an item from Partner B. Bert. Now Partner A. receives a revenue share from Partner B. of 2% of the final price.

USP’s from the SCHUHLEISTER Network

USP #1: Minimal risk through minimal Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ)

Traditionally in shoe manufacturing MOQ starts at 1000 units and more. However, our production process is set up to start with unit no. 1, thus we can offer an MOQ as low as 20 units per month. We challenge you to try!

USP #2: Profit from the sales of others

It is important to understand that a customer only has to be scanned ONCE. This means a customer can buy a custom fit product from any partner in the network. With the revenue share business model a secondary income or reward is gained through partners you sell to your scanned customers.

USP #3: Profit from an ever expanding customer base

Any customer who is scanned once, can buy any custom fit product from any partner in our network. This means you are faced with expanding opportunities to sell your custom fit products beyond your own client base.

How to become part of the SCHUHLEISTER Partner Network?

1. Choose a product & service portfolio:

– Individualized or defined Shoes: custom fit or standard sizing

– Individualized or defined Belts

– Custom Fit Insoles

– Scanning as a Service

– Additional upselling products:

Laces, shoe polishing and other accessories

See our entire product portfolio!

2. Select a version of flexible full-service fulfillment:

The SCHUHLEISTER system offers the possibility to arrange a fulfillment that is completely catering to your needs. We understand how important time is to you. That is why we offer full-service solutions, where we handle everything from automated billing, orders and delivery to your customer’s doorsteps. We also offer branded packaging options to make your customers know they are valued.

3. Leverage the adaptive digital fulfillment:

The base of the SCHUHLEISTER network is an integrative digital system. It is built on a digital order and CRM solution, which enables you to access overview of orders, material availability and your customer information at the click of a button. It also consists of a customizable online configurator and web shop that can be used as standalone option or be integrated into your existing shop solution.