Die Schuhleister | SCHUHLEISTER System
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What is the SCHUHLEISTER System?

The SCHUHLEISTER system is a four-step manufacturing system that leverages 3D Technology to produce a variety of shoe related physical products and digital products. Our system is designed for two main target groups: entrepreneurial minds and existing brands/manufacturers.

A: Entrepreneurs can use our service in its totally as a white label manufacturing service.

B: Existing manufacturers can leverage our system partially to broaden the existing product portfolio and especially to safe-guard and enhance their knowledge in last-making.

1. 3D Scanning

Our manufacturing system is based on 3D visuals – so called ‘volumes’. Obtaining 3D volumes is thus the first step to go through with. Therefore, we are leveraging a 3D scanner that is optimized to specifically recognize foot shaped objects. Depending on the final physical outcome: custom-fit or standard size – the scanning is either performed on customer feet or existing shoe lasts.

2. Digital Editing

Once a 3D scan is obtained it needs to be edited into a printable file. This half automated step is crucial to create a 100% accurate outcome. Depending on the final outcome (shoe, insole, shoe-tree, size matching etc.), the editing concludes of molding the foot volume in its entirety, the bottom side and the measurements individually.

3. 3D Printing

3D printing is a wonderful technology that enables us to achieve 100% accurate physical products. Again, depending on the final physical product 3D printing serves different purposes – generally 3D printing is only a pre-production step.

4. Manufacturing

The last step within the system is the finishing of the final product. Any 3D product (insole, shoe tree and shoe last) is finished in cologne, whereas the final shoe will be produced by an experienced shoe manufacturer.